Fashionable Finishes

Waterfall EdgeWhen you think “contractor,” you probably don’t think “fashionable.” I certainly don’t.  The fact is; however, to be a relevant resource for potential and existing clients, a contractor ought to be savvy with stylish finish applications. In historically rich New Orleans, plenty of construction and architectural work is focused on preservation, historical accuracy and salvage. For Mayer Building Company, this couldn’t be truer. We have delivered highly successful projects large and small with the utmost emphasis on historic restoration.

In the same New Orleans, sometimes chic and creative are emphasized. In the same New Orleans, a city the  recently called America’s next great innovation hub there is a market for the modish and cutting edge. A flourishing contractor not only needs to be aware of trends, but how to deliver quality construction work that reflects those trends.

Mayer Building Company not only has the capability to install what’s hot, but also to install quality craftsmanship with it, so that your new look lasts as long as you need it to. Recent projects included such items like a stone “waterfall” edge,  a frameless glass partition, contemporary picture molding, a drain-less ice-maker, a full height marble back-splash, “bracket-less” open shelving and mono-chromtic millwork.  It also seems the ancient art of Venetian Plaster is back in fashion; we can do that too!



Posted on 11,Apr | Posted by rmayer