Safety is a Priority

SafetyTwo of the most important tools any builder can give to staff and field opertaives  is adequate on-the-job training and a safe working environment to prevent work-place injuries. At Mayer Building Company, these tools are in place.

Among other practices, our forces are equipped with common sense safety equipment like eye and ear protection, dust masks, and gloves. We do not allow sneakers or other inappropriate footwear. All of the Mayer Building Company forces wear work boots. We employ “Toolbox Talks.” We stay hydrated.

We stay focused on personal safety.

Our jobsites are kept clean. Working in messy conditions is distracting, unsafe, unsanitary and against OSHA regulations. A cluttered work area can cause workers to trip, slip or step on sharp objects. We keep the jobsite safe. Some of the things we do to keep a job safe include: signage and first aid kits are stored in the superintendent’s designated area. All power cords have OSHA compliant GFI adapters. We use ladders and baker scaffolding as they are intended for use. We install temporary handrails and toerails and fall protection as required.

We keep our environment safe.


Posted on 1,Aug | Posted by rmayer