Re Use Effort Continued

Mayer Building Company continued our re-use and re-purpose initiatives with three recent actions.

  • Mayer Yacht Services, Inc built out a 230 square foot office space for one its employees. During this project, Mayer Building Company offered some repurposed construction materials that we had in stock from our various and ongoing construction projects:  Four (4) gallons of interior paint and primer, One (1) toilet, and 230 square feet of reclaimed pine flooring.  By employing these materials, Mayer Yacht Service has not only kept them out of a landfill, but also helped Mayer Building Company reduce haul-off costs which we will pass on to our customers.
  • Mayer Building Company recently became a member of the Green Project,  a New Orleans community resource for repurposing and recycling a wide range of materials.
  • During a private renovation of a shotgun double in the historic French Quarter, Mayer Building Company employed the following materials for re-use with the enthusiastic acceptance of the client: One (1) historically accurate wooden entrance door, one (1) set of reclaimed passage hardware, four (4) black steel balcony planter baskets, one (1) 2009 Maytag gas dryer and one (1) 2009 Maytag washing machine.

For more on our Reuse/Recycle Iniatives, click here.

Posted on 26,Jun | Posted by rmayer